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Everyone is welcome to create a business profile with WBUZ, and share your url with others as ads of your own. However, only paying sponsors and businesses that are approved will be listed on the WBUZ website and be a part of the daily show. If you are interested in sponsorship, you may finalize your ad content and we'll review your application and reach out to you. 

What is shared in your business profile can be shown in the 2 following places on the WBUZ website:​

Home Slider:

  • WBUZ Home page is where most visitors see first. ​

  • What we need from you: 

    • A high resolution image (At least 1000px wide) in landscape format.

    • A one sentence description of your business (Visitors can read this when they hover on the image). 

    • If you need help with graphic design, contact UX Aglow.

WBUZ Slider.png
WBUZ Slider Hover.png


  • Your business can also be indexed by location so people in your state can easily find you. You can also provide tags which allows search engines to find you. 

  • What we need from you:

    • Anything you want to share about your business.

    • Tags (keywords you'd like people to search you by) 

    • Please also fill out all your basic info in your Account and Business Addresses page Mad Dog will occasionally send you cool merch! Let us know if your business can be remote. ​

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Ads Placement & Requirement

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